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Product codeHK09
CAS NO.114435-02-8
Uses and characteristics:
     Alias:Fluoroethylene Carbonate; 4-Fluoroethylene Carbonate; Fluoroethylene    Carbonate (FEC); 4-Fluoro-1,3-Dioxalan-2-One; FEC
     1.Lithium-ion battery electrolyte additive for lifting the battery    capacity, cycle life, and low temperature performance.
     2. In the pure substance state FEC itself stable, dissolved in the    electrolyte when the temperature is more sensitive to the need to strictly    control the temperature.


Purity (GC measurement)≧99.95%
Chroma (Pt-Co color)≦10 Hazen
Water (KF method)≦10 ppm

package style

Container SizeQuick Connector SpecificationsProtection
500g, 1000g Aluminum bottlenoCoat plastic film bag sealing
25kg Stainless steel barrelExpected out 1/4 P, the air inlet 1 / 8PFilled with high purity nitrogen 0.02 ~ 0.05MPa
200kg Stainless steel barrelexpected out of 1 / 2P, the air inlet 1/4 PFilled with high purity nitrogen 0.02 ~ 0.05MPa